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Virtual accounts.
But on steroids.

Get your confirmations instantly when customers pay with transfer. Enjoy automatic reconciliation and customer loyalty from instant cashback.

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Your customers no longer have to wait while your staff try to reach you to confirm payments.

Everything is now instant. Including reconciliation, refunds and final settlement to your bank account.

Works for physical shops<br>

Works for physical shops

Get a unique account for your business. In your business name. And free decals and stickers to display it. When customers transfer to it, your alerts and settlement are INSTANT and GUARANTEED.

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Works for digital channels<br><br>

Works for digital channels

With a simple API, assign a unique account to each customer and when they transfer to it, we automatically reconcile against your system and forward the funds to your business account.

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Provision virtual bank accounts for payments

Accept payments via bank transfers with auto-reconciliation and real time credit to destination accounts for as low as N50.

Activate an own-label banking service

We’d help you nudge customers to retain value in their virtual accounts that can be used to enjoy uniquely negotiated benefits.

Earn banking revenues & simplify payments

Earn a share of revenue generated when your customers take advantage of overdrafts, loans, cheaper transfers, insurance, etc.

It's for everyone

No matter your type of business or hustle, PaywithTransfer is the most efficient way to get paid. Your customers want it and your alerts are never delayed

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The benefits that matter

Instant confirmations

Instant confirmations

You no longer have to look through bank statements while keeping customers waiting. It's instant alerts & notifications to as many phone numbers as you want.

Instant settlement

Instant settlement

Every payment credits your actual bank account. In any bank. Just like you intended. You no longer have to wait till the next day to see your money.

Inventory finance

Inventory finance

Do you need credit to buy stock for your shop? Your PaywithTransfer payments count towards your credit limit. No stories.

Pricing that brings value

Pricing that brings value

We have made a conscious effort to keep the pricing competitive. Just enough to cover the alerts you get.



Michael, Pepsi Food Canteen

“I Instantly get alerts, the account also has my business name which avoid confusion from customers at the point of making transfers.“

Joy, Manager Christian Fluent Cosmetics

“When transfers are made by customers we get notification within a minute, the charges are normal and acceptable.

Abdullahi, Dan Koli

“I love how customizable the notifications are on this paywithtransfer product. I can choose to receive alerts for accounts or just specific one, even when I am not around.“

Ishaq, Tanimu ishaq provision

I used to feel anxious about making sure all my payments went through, but the notification feature on this payment product has given me peace of mind. I know I'll always be informed if there's an issue with any of my payments.“

Olawunmi, Olawumi stitches Empire

Since using the paywithtransfer with its notification feature, I no longer have to constantly check my bank account to see if transactions have gone through. I receive real-time notifications, which gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on other things.“

Eugene, Airpeace Supervisor Lagos

“We've been using this payment product for our airline for months now, and the notification feature has made all the difference. It's so convenient to receive instant notifications when payments are processed, and it's helped us stay on top of our finances.“

Joseph, Lead Airpeace Benin

“Paywithtransfer for us at Airpeace is a lifesaver, especially when our passengers traveling for business. The notification feature ensures that I never miss a payment deadline and helps me stay organized. It's an excellent tool for managing expenses and staying on top of my finances.“

John, Airpeace Lagos.

“As a frequent flyer, I have used a lot of payment products in the past, but this one stands out because of its unique notification feature. It's convenient and easy to use, and the notifications are always timely and accurate. It saves me time and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a hassle-free payment experience."

Timothy, Manager Airpeace Benin

"The payment console provided by paywithtransfer has made our payment tracking and reconciliation a breeze. We have been able to streamline our payment processes and are now able to focus on other areas of our business with confidence. Highly recommend!“

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