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Take recurring payments from bank accounts. Not cards.

No integration. No tech investment. Simply ask your customers to dial your unique USSD code, and we’d take care of everything, including processing their consent. Money lands in your account on schedule, and customers get their receipts. That's it.

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Zero integration

No need for any API integration if you don't want to. We'd create an automatic and unique USSD code for you. Simply ask your customers to dial it, or upload their payment details and our system will take care of customer consent management and process your money when due.

Want to try a demo?
Dial: *7006*31*000019#

If you prefer some automation though:

Schedule once, go to bed

Once you set up the schedule and the customer provides consent, we handle the tracking of due dates, reminders, and whatever is required. Simply receive money in your account.

Instant alerts

You'll receive instant notifications every time a payment has occurred. Whether you want it directly by SMS, email or a webhook to your back office systems.

Goodbye to failed card transactions

Everyone knows that using cards to process recurring payments can be a pain with very low success rates and all sorts of problems. Now, that's gone. Forever.

Instant settlement

Any time payments are processed, your business account is credited immediately. Say goodbye to T+1 settlements.

Keep customers loyal.
For longer

Recurring payments help you to keep your customers coming back. We'd also support behind the scenes by running benefits promos that customers can enjoy for using your services.

To sign-up

Fill the onboarding form

Go through information verification process with our agent via a simple phone call

An account is generated for your business and a decal is printed for your store

And you are ready to go

Easy recurring payments @ just 1% + ₦50

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