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Receive school fees payments on time

Without changing your workflow, our platform guarantees that parents and guardians pay fees on time and to schedule as soon as you've sent their bills to them

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Automated direct debit

Parents who promise to pay in instalments often do not honor their commitments.

We've solved that problem for you.

Once you have prepared bills, simply upload them to PaywithAccount. It would automatically deduct the funds from parents’ accounts as soon as they provide consent and accept the bills.

Managed collections operations

Following up for payments can be very stressful.

We've solved that problem for you.

Once you set up the schedule and the customer provides consent, we handle the tracking of due dates, reminders, and whatever is required. We even deploy our contact centre to support your efforts.

Simply receive money in your account.

Automated reconciliation

Everyone knows that reconciliation can be quite time consuming.

We've solved that problem for you.

Once payments come in, PaywithAccount automatically moves the monies collected into your bank account and reconciles against your back office and accounting.

Yes, instant settlement. No more T+1.

Even more benefits

No integration
PaywithAccount does not require you to employ developers or initiate a tech project, we take all the heavy lifting off you.

Simple onboarding
Signing up for PaywithAccount as a payments collection platform is simple and straightforward. Delivering the bills to parents and obtaining their acknowledgement and consent is an even simpler process.

Dashboard for real-time insights
The interactive dashboard gives you a clear view of bills and real-time payment updates. Stay on top of your finances effortlessly.

To sign-up

Fill the onboarding form

Go through information verification process with our agent via a simple phone call

An account is generated for your business and a decal is printed for your store

And you are ready to go

Managed payment collections 1% + ₦50

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