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Now, your staff can confirm transfers. Sharply!

Without having to disturb you or see your balance, your employees can now confirm transfers by themselves with 100% guarantee that the alert will come on time. No matter your bank.

Protection of your data and privacy is very important to us. Privacy policy

Beautiful display

You will get a beautiful customized decal, containing details of your special account. Free of charge.

Show your business name

When customers send money to your PaywithTransfer account, they'd see your business name very clearly. Bye bye to account number confirmations.

Hide your balance

Your attendant will get the instant alert, but will not see your balance. They'd just know who paid.

Instant alerts

Alerts are instant and can go to multiple phone numbers. No need for your attendant to call you to confirm transfer again.

Instant settlement

Everyone gets an alert, but the funds are moved to your account in any bank immediately.

Keep customers loyal

We run benefits promos that customers can enjoy for patronizing your shop. It's on us.

To sign-up

Fill the onboarding form

Go through information verification process with our agent via a simple phone call

An account is generated for your business and a decal is printed for your store

And you are ready to go

Smooth payments @ just ₦20

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