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Accept transfers on your website or app.

With PaywithTransfer, you can now accept transfers within your digital commerce experience with 100% guarantee that the notifications will come on time. And automatically reconcile.

Works for airlines<br>

Works for airlines

Confirm transfers and issue tickets automatically. Process refunds for underpayment and overpayment without human intervention.


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Works for top-ups<br>

Works for top-ups

You host a wallet or customers have holding accounts with you? Topping up those accounts via transfers no longer has to involve delays in confirmations and issues with reconciliation.


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Works for e-commerce<br><br>

Works for e-commerce

With a simple integration, you can process transfers at checkout or at the point of delivery. Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of delivery agents' cash handling.


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Works for POS networks<br>

Works for POS networks

Transfer directly from a customer's debit card to your account. In real-time. Our partner banks have provided APIs that make this possible with direct-card-internal-routing.


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Same API. Multiple banks.

With the same API and set up, you get back virtual accounts from multiple banks. One integration to aggregate them all.

Your business or your customer's name. You decide.

When customers send money to your PaywithTransfer account, they'd see your business name very clearly. Or you can show their own name. Bye bye to account number confirmations.

Send by SMS

When you assign a PWT account to customers, we automatically send it to them by SMS so they can save it against next time.

Guaranteed notifications

Your webhook will receive notifications within seconds of the transfer hitting your virtual account. Confirmed.

Instant settlement

Say goodbye to T+1 settlement. The funds are moved to your account in any bank immediately.

Keep customers loyal

We run benefits promos that customers can enjoy for patronizing your shop. It's on us.

To sign-up

Fill the onboarding form

Go through information verification process with our agent via a simple phone call

An account is generated for your business and a decal is printed for your store

And you are ready to go

Smooth payments @ just 0.5%

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