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Frequently Asked Questions

The PaywithTransfer Payment Option is an innovative payment method that allows customers to pay merchants/business owners using the bank transfer method. Merchants can receive payments without going through the stress of payment confirmation or loss of funds, like in some cases.

PaywithTransfer Payment is a Fidelity Bank product built on OnePipe’s APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Getting your business started on PaywithTransfer Payment is free. Click here to get started.

A processing fee of 0.5% (capped at N500) is charged on every transaction completed.

You can send us a mail at or call 01-3438444

Yes! We will configure your business account so that only a central phone number tied to the central (settlement) account will get access to the account balance.

Usually, at the point of payment on your platform, a virtual account is automatically generated and your users can then transfer into that account

There are unique identifiers that can be used to track payment. This ranged from the client’s phone number to customer number/ID. This will be decided at the point of integration

Our Pay With Transfer solution for onsite store is also known as Pay With Transfer Instore. The virtual accounts generated for your business during the onboarding process will be printed on a decal that you can then display at various store locations

No, there are no additional fees. The regular processing fee applies. The decal and sticker that will be provided for your physical stores are absolutely free!

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